Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

Well, I don't know how I can outdo the last post (how cute are my
babies?!), but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I know there's a certain amount of stress that comes with the holidays, but I pray you can find a moment of peace and rest amidst the chaos. That moment is now for me- on a normal Tuesday, I'd be driving around town, dropping the girls off, heading off to work about now... but I'm still in my PJ's, listening to Faith Hill sing O Holy Night and the sound of my girls playing with Bryn's new tea set from Great-Grandmother Hayes and just enjoying this break before we head out of town in a couple of days. I'm so thankful and blessed to have the life I have and cannot wait to see what 2009 holds!

Here's a couple of things if you have a few minutes- the first is a couple of little songs from Makayla (thankfully, the video part of our camera is still working- FYI family: I will be stealing all of your Christmas pictures). The second is a poem my Grandmother wrote (I'm not sure how long ago- Hayes clan: anyone know what year?) that I received in a frame at our Hayes Christmas last night. What a blessing this is! Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!

"Even If" by Wanda Hayes

Even if my eyes go blind, I can see Jesus in all His beauty.
Even if my ears are deaf to the sounds of this world, Jesus still calls me to HImself.
Even if my legs are unable to carry me, Jesus has promised to carry me to the Father in Heaven.
Even if my hands become gnarled and useless, Jesus gives me His Holy Spirit to bear fruit to His Glory.
Even if my clothes are full of holes, Jesus has promised to clothe me with His righteousness.
Even if bread is scarce, His words nourish and strengthen me.
Even if everyone forsakes me, Jesus has promised to always be with me.
Even if men bind me in chains, Jesus has died to set me free indeed.

Thank you, dear Jesus!

While I still have eyes that see, May they always be alert to the beauties and wonders of God's creation.
While I still have ears to hear, May I ever hear the singing of the birds and the cries of those who suffer.
While I still have two good legs, May I always use them to follow in the steps of Jesus.
While I still have two hands (such a marvelous creation), May I use them to serve Jesus by serving others.
While I am blessed with clothing in abundance, May I share with those who have none.
While I have more food than I need, May I give to feed those who are hungry.
While I still enjoy a comfortable home, May I ever hold it's doors open to strangers, and may it be a place of peace and refuge in this sinful world.
While I still am blessed with many loved ones and friends, May I be filled with love for each one.
While I still enjoy the freedoms that my forefathers died for, May I exercise this freedom to worship and praise my creator and to proclaim Jesus to everyone I meet. May I offer my prayers and myself to the preserving of these freedoms for my posterity.