Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trains, trains, trains...

I know, I know, its been a while since I posted. But good excuse (kinda)- our camera's broken and I HATE posting without at least a couple of pics. So we gave in on Monday and took a few with our flash-less camera, and got a couple of ok ones. We were supposed to meet Santa at Northpark on Monday, but he was SICK. :( So, we headed on over to the Galleria to see their Santa and Makayla proceeded to jump on his lap and tell him she wanted a drum and a cello. That made me laugh. Bryn wanted nothing to do with Santa. We did find a train inside of the Toy store by the playground and they definitely enjoyed that. Jaron put a train around our tree and they've really enjoyed it (see videos below).

It amazes me every year how busy this time of year is, but its so fun. We're going out every night this week and I love it.

On a different note... I went to a Gentleman's Club last night. Yes, you heard me right. A girl from church (Lisa) went last year and brought the girls gift bags, with an invitation to our Christmas Eve service and just wanted to tell them how much God loved them. Well, this year Lisa got some more people involved and made 50 gift bags and a plate of cookies to bring in. There were 7 of us women who went (with 4 husbands standing guard outside). We were in the dressing room of this club for a good hour and a half and I was amazed at the response. They were SO happy to see us and SO grateful for the gift bags. They hugged us and kissed our cheeks. We were able to pray with a lot of them and a couple of them stayed in the dressing room almost the entire time, sacrificing money they could have been making out in the club, just so they could talk with us and share their lives. I was truly moved by the hearts of these women and am so glad I was able to do this, especially this time of year. It definitely put this whole season of giving into a new perspective for me.

Well, here's a few pics and video of my little angels (even though the actual pics aren't great, and Makayla looks a little out of it. Bryn's smile is her "pretty smile"). :)

Merry Christmas all...