Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch up...

I've been working on this post for about a month. Feel free to skip through it, I know you only care about the pictures any way. :)

On January 6th, I had the pleasure of meeting the Woods family at the airport to welcome home their newest addition, Rhett. Brian and Amy are such great examples to us and I was so honored to share in this special time of their lives.

On January 23rd, my cousin, Kanyon Brown married Erika Anthony in Abilene. Jaron and I headed out on a little road trip and had a great time seeing family and friends and celebrating with this sweet couple.

February flew by, even though, looking back we didn't have a whole lot going on. Well, unless you count school 2 days a week, working at the gym, working at Prestoncrest on Tuesday mornings, MOPS, small group, Valentine's activities, getting in a date night once a week and other various activities. :) Oh, and SNOW!!

Of course, if you know me, the end of February/beginning of March highlight was DIVINE CONSIGN! Here's a little of the amazing purchases that were made...

The last week of February, Jaron went to L.A. for a few days. He had a great trip. If you're on facebook, I will be posting an edited version of his trip journal soon.

On February 28th, Jaron took the girls to the "Princess ball" at Brookhaven country club. I got to help out, so I snuck in a few pictures. :) They were so cute and had such a good time.

This past Saturday, we got to take pictures with Kristin! I was so excited and we had such a great time. Who knew taking pictures could be so FUN. I'll post the link to the gallery when they're up in a couple of weeks.

On Sunday, I helped a friend with her sister in law's wedding. It was fun to feel like a "professional caterer". :) Aimee and I helped execute a very well-planned reception by Erica and Beth and it turned out great! (Pictures are on facebook).

Today, we got back from a short family trip to Glen Rose. We visited Dinosaur World, Dinosaur Valley state park and Fossil Rim. The girls loved it and the weather was perfect (even with the rain at Fossil Rim). Here's the facebook link...
And here's my favorites of the girls...

I'm really loving this time in my life and am so thankful for my beautiful family.

Happy St. Patrick's day!