Friday, August 28, 2009

Well, I'm posting this late (of course)... my sweet girl turned 4 on Tuesday. I cannot believe I have a 4 year old!!! She had her favorite breakfast- chocolate chip waffles with syrup and then we were off to get the girls nails done! They had a fabulous time- they just kept looking up at me and smiling. They loved it. I wasn't super thrilled about their color choices (Bryn got bright green, Makayla was a little better with purple and red). They looked so big in those chairs and were such perfect little ladies. Here's some pics of that adventure...

This is their new pose any time they take a picture- how cute are they???

Look at Makayla's smile. :)

Trying to get a close up of their flowers

Didn't quite work.

Backing up to Saturday, we had the girls party/housewarming. It was a whirlwind of a week, getting ready for the first week of school at the gym and trying to get my house presentable, but we ended up having a blast. Poor Brynley threw up in the car on the way to get balloons that day, so she had to miss out on the big party. :( But she still got to open her presents and then went to Grandpa and Grammy's for some sweet lovin'. Thanks so much mom and dad for taking such good care of her! Here's some pics of the party (still no flash on our camera, so inside pics don't look so great; thanks for the outside pics Angie!)(Also, I'll have captions on these pics and more pics in facebook, if you're interested)...

Lastly, I took the girls for their 3 and 4 year checkups on Wednesday. They did such a fabulous job and it was a looooooong appointment (the nurse screwed up Brynley's weight (by a lot- she wrote it was 22 and she's 27 lbs!!) and Makayla's height so their BMI's were off, so the Dr. had to redo everything). They actually had fun since they play doctor at home. That is, until it was time for Makayla's shots. She didn't really cry until the last one and then looked at me like I was the biggest traitor... so of course, I took them for ice cream immediately (before lunch). Got some cute pics, since we had such a long time to wait...

Makayla got ahold of the camera without me knowing it for these next few...

Ice cream makes everything better.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bye Bye Summer

Well, its been a fun, but exhausting couple of weeks... VBS was last week and I did all the music for it. We had over 200 kids! and I was not prepared for that. But I think we adjusted well and the kids had a blast, which is what its all about, right?

We had our first real playdate at our new house with Natalie and they had a blast!

I'm starting back at the gym this week (just helping get ready for school and then I'm going to cut back some on my hours this fall) and we're gonna try and finish our house by the weekend (I'm sick of these boxes in the office just staring at me).

These pictures are taking way too long to load, so I'm going to be lazy and just give you my facebook link...

Facebook pics

Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

What better day to play catch up than on my baby's 3rd birthday!?! I can't believe she's that old and it REALLY hit me this morning when she slept till almost 9 (that's pretty much never happened) and went potty without me even knowing it! We've had a fun day... I let Bryn pick out all three meals- pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch (first time at Farnatchi's and it was excellent!), bananas, applesauce and fritos for dinner. She got to watch her favorite shows (Dragon Tales and Spiderman) in the morning. We went to the library before lunch, then Bryn and Jaron got a nap while Makayla went to the store with me to get cake stuff. We made a yummy chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, green sprinkles and a yellow #3 candle (to incorporate B's favorite colors). Our mail comes late, so she got her birthday cards right around the time we were eating cake, which was so fun! Jaron took her to the store to pick out her gift and she was so sweet to share her Prince Charming and Cinderella dolls with Makayla.

I love you sweet little Brynley and am so glad God chose me to be your mommy- I can't wait to see how you continue to grow and learn to love God and others. Happy Birthday!!

Ok, catch up time (feel free to skip along to the pictures, I just want to document the last couple of months so I don't forget- thank goodness for iCal, twitter and facebook- they definitely helped with the jogging of the memory)...

End of May- Jaron released his Green Lantern trailer (which now has over a million hits on Youtube!) and did lots of interviews about it. Being #1 video on Attack of the Show was probably one of the biggest highlights for him. Still so proud of my talented hubby!!!

4th Anniversary (June 5th)- I was at a women's retreat on the actual day of our anniversary, so we celebrated the weekend before and at the end of the month. Fri, May 29th we dropped the kids off at my mom's and went to see "Angels and Demons". Then we just happened to check Craig's List for a house, and the one we are currently residing in had been posted only the hour before! That was fun. And totally a God thing. THEN, we went to see Alpha Rev (one of my favorite bands) at House of Blues (my first time). And THEN, we saw "Night at the Museum 2". That was a really, really great night with my hubby.

Jaron had a staff retreat for 3 days during the second week of June, so my mom and Aimee offered to take the girls with them to Houston to visit Chelsea (who's been nannying there all summer), so that I could get some packing done- at that point we had signed a lease on our house in Farmers Branch. That was SUCH a blessing, because I got SO much packed and was not nearly as stressed the rest of the month. Thanks again ladies!!! I was a little sad that I didn't get to go to the beach at Galveston; it was the girls first time. If you're friends with my mom and/or sisters on facebook, they have some cute pics of that trip.

Father's Day- Sent Jaron to get a massage after church and then we swam together as a family for the last time at our apartment (have really missed that pool this summer).

The Monday after Father's day, we dropped the kids off at my parents house and started our vacation off with, what else?, 2 movies- "Year One" and "The Proposal". Then we headed off to the Tallent's gorgeous lakehouse for some much needed R & R. It was so great to have no agenda, watch a ton of movies and cook without little rugrats crawling all over me. Ahhhh... I miss that.

We left on Thursday morning and our landlord let us get the keys that afternoon- a whopping 6 days early!!! Jaron worked his cute little booty off all the way until that next Tuesday moving all of our junk into our new house. We had lots of help from our family as well- thanks guys!!!

Wow, that was exhausting just remembering all that...

July was a little bit less intense, at least for the girls and I. We spent some time checking out the wonderful town of Farmers Branch, meeting neighbors, going to the library and pool, deciding where we were going to shop and going up to the church for Camp One meetings (youth camp). Oh, and a lot of unpacking (I don't do well living out of boxes). My mom and Mema took us shopping to get some house things. They definitely spoiled me a little :) and I can't thank ya'll enough for helping me spruce up my house. My kitchen is my favorite part of my house (which has never happened for me before) and its all b/c these 2 lovely ladies got me some IKEA goodies (sorry about the picture quality)...

I love them!!!!!!

The 4th week of July, Jaron and I packed our bags, sent the kids to my parents and headed out with the student ministry and volunteers to Camp One in Tanglewood, TX. Jaron helped with worship and did the video work, while I helped Tina with admin. It was fun, but I felt really, really old and really missed my kids. I was definitely glad to get back to my own bed and shower (I slept on the top of a bunk bed all week), but it was great to see God working in the lives of our students.

We celebrated Aimee's 26th birthday on July 25 (the day after her birthday) at Houlihan's, my favorite restaurant of all time. Then, Aimee and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Houston to see Chelsea this past week (the last week of July), from Wed-Fri. It was fun to see how she's been living all summer, but she's going to be pretty spoiled when she gets back to DFW. :)

I guess that about catches us up... This past weekend was a little nuts- Aim and I got back into town Friday night, I went to a bridal shower for my cousin, Chandra on Saturday at 2, got to rehearsal at church by 3:30, church at 6, home after 8 (we were a little chatty- sorry, Christel!), up at 6:30am Sunday to get to rehearsal (thanks Angie for sacrificing so much sleep to watch my kids!), at church till 12, went to a couple's shower for Chan and Derrick at 1:30, went to my parents, met Jaron at the church for the Spotlight performance at 6pm, went home and CRASHED!!!!

I'm never waiting this long again between posts, that was CRAZY!!! And if you're still reading this (Mom and Mema), YOU are crazy! :) Love ya'll!!

Too tired to caption each picture, so here's the general ideas...

1st trip to FB library
Play date at Frisco splash park
Playing in sprinkler in our front yard
Pics in our back yard and girls room (Hopefully, better house pics will be coming soon)
Pics from today- at pizza place (playing "Rock, paper, scissors", Bryn not wanting the camera in her face, Makayla loving the camera, the "Brynley face"), Makayla "helping" make the cake, Makayla's card and present (crayons) to Bryn, playing in the swim play thing Nana brought over.

NOW, the pictures...