Friday, May 30, 2008

We love baby Zane!

Zane came over Wednesday morning to play and we had so much fun. Thought I'd share some pics and a video from the morning...

This is what happens when I ask Makayla to give me her "model face"... she's still a cutie to me. :)...

Monday, May 19, 2008

I thought since it was 99 degrees today, it would be nice to swim. But it was pretty cold. But Makayla didn't care, she loved it and didn't want to leave. Brynley was pretty into it too. We also let them stick their feet in the hot tub... during her prayers tonight, Makayla thanked God for going into the hot water and the cold water and the hot water and the cold water. It was pretty cute. Enjoy...

This is right after Brynley jumped off the steps and landed under water. It was kinda funny, seeing her eyes looking at me under water. She's definitely my second child b/c that would have freaked me out with Makayla. :)

On her way to the pool- so cute!!!

Firsts with my girls have been so fun... first smiles, first laughs, first steps, first words. They're growing up too fast, but I'm trying to soak in as much as I can.

Another fun one for me was the first time dipping oreos in milk experience we had last night. Brynley was WAY more into it than Makayla, but they both enjoyed the deliciousness that is oreos. It was such a great bonding moment (well, anything involving my girls, chocolate and myself is a special time), and of course I had to capture the moment. Enjoy!! And if you haven't had some oreos in milk in a while- do it... it makes you feel like a kid again (or maybe its just me). :)

P.S. Thanks, Brit for clueing me in about Google reader- what a time saver!!! Check it out if you don't have it yet.

Love it!!

This is their "say cheese!" face.

What happened when I asked Makayla to give me a pretty smile.

Man, this girl cracks me up!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh, Brynley...