Friday, October 26, 2007

Sure, mom.

Makayla's new thing is saying, "Sure, mom" in a very sarcastic tone whenever I ask her to do something. She means well, and does it, but we're going to have to work on how she says it. :) Enjoy this little video.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big Jets!

We took Makayla to the Alliance Air show today and had a blast! I didn't realize how big of a deal it is. They had all kinds of planes on the ground, most of them you could walk inside. The heat wasn't that bad because it was really windy (but Jaron and I did get a little burned). We got some decent pics and some video for all you plane lovers who didn't get to go. I will definitely be going back- such a great family outing (and not expensive at all!). But don't ask Makayla if she saw the airplanes this weekend- she calls them big jets (and will claim that is all she saw). :) I apologize for not knowing the correct names of these amazing aircraft- feel free to comment and educate everyone if you do know the names!

The Red Baron planes. Cool show, but kind of annoying b/c the announcer kept advertising their pizza. Seriously.

Oh, what are they doing?

Yes, making a heart- way cool.

Stealth plane- I didn't even see it at first b/c it makes NO NOISE!

I call this the hovering plane, b/c that's what it did! (See the videos at the bottom).

Its nickname has jump in the title- I heard the announcer mention that.

This was Makayla's face every time Jaron mentioned something about seeing the airplanes (she wasn't in a great mood at the beginning).

What a good daddy- covering her ears from the loud planes.

Mom, when are you gonna get it? I'm not in the MOOD for pictures!

Eating a snickers bar- she perked up a little after this. :)

Makayla and I in front of a very big jet.

We were really tired and hot by the time the Blue Angels started their show, but still got a great view from the car (w/ AC) and Makayla could see a lot better without the sun in her eyes.

Silly girl.

The Blue Angels are amazing, but I think this was my favorite show. Its like acrobats in the sky!!! Don't know what the airplane's called.

The crazy hovering plane.

The Blue Angels. Simply the best there is.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After much anticipation...about 3 months to be exact...Brynley Nicole has finally decided to start walking! I guess this means we finally don't have babies in the house anymore. I kind of have mixed emotions about that...a little joy and a little happiness.
Yes this is indeed a good thing.
I could say more, but I'll let the video speak for itself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

***I added another video at the end of this post today. Check it out!***

We got back last night from a much needed weekend getaway at our friends' lake house on Eagle Landing lake in East Texas. Thanks so much, Schaefers, for opening up your beautiful home to us! We had such a great weekend- Makayla went on her first canoe ride, the girls had a blast playing with their friend, Addison (who is exactly a month younger than Makayla), and we had an interesting excursion in Jefferson on Saturday (scroll down through the pics and you'll find out why). It was so nice to not have anything to think about or do for the entire weekend. But it's good to be back home...

The entire wall of the living room was windows, absolutely gorgeous, and the girls loved it!

Yes, we picked the one Saturday of the year that every biker in Texas was in Jefferson! It was quite the experience.
Zane, Makayla and Addison in front of some of the THOUSANDS of bikes there. Bryn was at the house, taking a nap with daddy.
It was so loud, but Addy amazingly slept through the whole thing!
Makayla loved her cake batter ice cream. She got a little spoiled on this outing. :)
Zane with the official drink of Jefferson. They love their DP!
About to get tickled by Auntie Becca (Schaefer, not me, but I think poor Makayla is kinda confused now).
Tickle/hug time
Don't really know what they were doing, but I thought this was cute.
Addy and Mak doing their fake sleeping bit. Funny that they have some of the same quirks. They had such a blast together!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can't sleep tonight, and have been wondering what to post (sorry its been awhile). But nothing going on in my life right now seems worth writing about after reading Boothe Farley's most recent post. Just click on The Farley Family link to the right of this post (under blogs/sites to visit) and read "a vision for eternity". Amazing words that will change your life (at least they have for me). For those that don't know, this mother recently lost her one week old baby girl, Copeland Fair, to Trisomy- 18 (Edward's syndrome).