Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend at the lake

***I added another video at the end of this post today. Check it out!***

We got back last night from a much needed weekend getaway at our friends' lake house on Eagle Landing lake in East Texas. Thanks so much, Schaefers, for opening up your beautiful home to us! We had such a great weekend- Makayla went on her first canoe ride, the girls had a blast playing with their friend, Addison (who is exactly a month younger than Makayla), and we had an interesting excursion in Jefferson on Saturday (scroll down through the pics and you'll find out why). It was so nice to not have anything to think about or do for the entire weekend. But it's good to be back home...

The entire wall of the living room was windows, absolutely gorgeous, and the girls loved it!

Yes, we picked the one Saturday of the year that every biker in Texas was in Jefferson! It was quite the experience.
Zane, Makayla and Addison in front of some of the THOUSANDS of bikes there. Bryn was at the house, taking a nap with daddy.
It was so loud, but Addy amazingly slept through the whole thing!
Makayla loved her cake batter ice cream. She got a little spoiled on this outing. :)
Zane with the official drink of Jefferson. They love their DP!
About to get tickled by Auntie Becca (Schaefer, not me, but I think poor Makayla is kinda confused now).
Tickle/hug time
Don't really know what they were doing, but I thought this was cute.
Addy and Mak doing their fake sleeping bit. Funny that they have some of the same quirks. They had such a blast together!