Wednesday, August 11, 2010


For anybody still trying to keep up with us, we've been a little busy. Lots of fun has been happening over the last several months and I apologize for posting more of it on facebook than on here. Until I can do a proper update (probably not until after school starts), here's some links to my facebook pics...

Destin trip
More Destin
Misc. Summer

Quick updates- I currently have two 4 year olds. :) Brynley turned 4 on August 3rd and Makayla will be 5 on the 25th. They are SO ready for school, as am I. I'll be teaching P.E. at their school this fall. We've had a great summer, but are all ready to get back to a fall routine. Jaron has been extremely busy as well. He just finished up some INCREDIBLE videos for our VBS. Seriously, you missed out if you didn't see them.

I'll let Brynley close us out with our feelings about the past few months...