Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freedom Stones

I was blessed in some amazing and unexpected ways today and I'd really love to share...

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all the different "causes" and "charities" out there- It always seems like there's someone you know doing something really good and you think, "I really need to support them". And it usually stops there. At least for me.

Well, my good (no, I'd say great) friend, Jessica sent an email out a few weeks ago to a few people, asking if they'd be interested in coming to a Freedom Stone jewelry making party she would be hosting, with the founder, Leah. I had heard a little bit through the grapevine about this project, didn't know a whole lot about it, but offered to have it at my house. Mostly because I love Jessica so much. :)

So, the crew came over this morning, we made a nice brunch and set up the tables and just hung out for awhile until everyone got there. We ended up having a lot more than we thought- over 20 people! And I at this point, was still not really grasping the whole concept of what we were doing. Then, Leah gave a brief overview of her work, and this new Freedom Stone project that was starting up- the Ghana project. It immediately took my breath away- such a simple, but powerful concept. Here's an excerpt from the Freedom Stones facebook page...

"We are currently working with trafficking victims and those at risk in Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana and Nigeria. Women in poverty are often preyed upon by traffickers who trick or coerce them into selling their bodies or their children. Economics often drives this problem so we are seeking to change the economic situation which often leads to human slavery. We are developing jewelry projects and marketing these fair trade products in the states to sell to socially concerned consumers. While in the program, women and teenagers are able to attend training and classes which focus on holistic development (spiritual, relational, emotional, physical, economical healing)"

Today, some amazing women made some incredible pieces of jewelry from stones made of recycled glass in Ghana and stones from Thailand. I have never seen more gorgeous colors in my life- and the creativity of the women in my house today blew me away.

Jaron had taken the girls out, and we were still working on jewelry when they got back. They were interested in it for a little while, but there was a little too much excitement for them to really help. After while, Makayla figured out what we were doing and decided she needed to be involved. I let her help me make a necklace- she picked the colors and we made a pretty fabulous pattern, which turned into a pretty fabulous necklace. She THEN decided she needed to make a necklace by herself. I let her. With a little guidance from me on a pattern, she hand picked and strung this entire necklace by herself...

I helped her with her unraveling string a couple of times and my patience was definitely stretched (those bead holes are SMALL!), but I have never been more proud of my precious girl!!! She meticulously spent over an hour on her creation. What a blessing to watch and know that the purchase of that necklace would go towards enriching the life of a child recently taken out of slavery. Or giving a poverty-stricken mom facing the horrible threat of having to sell her child, the gift of a better life.

My heart is full tonight and I know God is going to do some big things through this incredible project.

Let me know if you'd like more information and thanks for letting me share my heart.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween. Their first "real" trick or treating experience and they loved it. Jaron made Makayla's costume and did a great job.

Introducing, Cinderella and Batgirl...