Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I don't know how I can outdo the last post (how cute are my
babies?!), but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I know there's a certain amount of stress that comes with the holidays, but I pray you can find a moment of peace and rest amidst the chaos. That moment is now for me- on a normal Tuesday, I'd be driving around town, dropping the girls off, heading off to work about now... but I'm still in my PJ's, listening to Faith Hill sing O Holy Night and the sound of my girls playing with Bryn's new tea set from Great-Grandmother Hayes and just enjoying this break before we head out of town in a couple of days. I'm so thankful and blessed to have the life I have and cannot wait to see what 2009 holds!

Here's a couple of things if you have a few minutes- the first is a couple of little songs from Makayla (thankfully, the video part of our camera is still working- FYI family: I will be stealing all of your Christmas pictures). The second is a poem my Grandmother wrote (I'm not sure how long ago- Hayes clan: anyone know what year?) that I received in a frame at our Hayes Christmas last night. What a blessing this is! Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!

"Even If" by Wanda Hayes

Even if my eyes go blind, I can see Jesus in all His beauty.
Even if my ears are deaf to the sounds of this world, Jesus still calls me to HImself.
Even if my legs are unable to carry me, Jesus has promised to carry me to the Father in Heaven.
Even if my hands become gnarled and useless, Jesus gives me His Holy Spirit to bear fruit to His Glory.
Even if my clothes are full of holes, Jesus has promised to clothe me with His righteousness.
Even if bread is scarce, His words nourish and strengthen me.
Even if everyone forsakes me, Jesus has promised to always be with me.
Even if men bind me in chains, Jesus has died to set me free indeed.

Thank you, dear Jesus!

While I still have eyes that see, May they always be alert to the beauties and wonders of God's creation.
While I still have ears to hear, May I ever hear the singing of the birds and the cries of those who suffer.
While I still have two good legs, May I always use them to follow in the steps of Jesus.
While I still have two hands (such a marvelous creation), May I use them to serve Jesus by serving others.
While I am blessed with clothing in abundance, May I share with those who have none.
While I have more food than I need, May I give to feed those who are hungry.
While I still enjoy a comfortable home, May I ever hold it's doors open to strangers, and may it be a place of peace and refuge in this sinful world.
While I still am blessed with many loved ones and friends, May I be filled with love for each one.
While I still enjoy the freedoms that my forefathers died for, May I exercise this freedom to worship and praise my creator and to proclaim Jesus to everyone I meet. May I offer my prayers and myself to the preserving of these freedoms for my posterity.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

There is no way that I can summarize how much you mean to me in one post, but I will try. You are with out a doubt the most a man could hope for in a wife and mother of his children. Day by day you give yourself to your family without rest. You are in a constant state of sacrifice and you always keep the best interests of your family the first priority. Your daughters are learning so much from you and the reason for them being outstanding is because of the influence you have on them. You’ve taught them to be selfless, kind, loving, and to enjoy the relationship between them. As for me, you have taught me more about life than any other person, and I am still learning from you. Your presence in my life causes me to feel like I can take on the world, and sometimes allows me to. It’s been a dream of mine to have a partner that has strength where I have weakness, and to say this is true would be an understatement. Today, I am so thankful for you, and the happiness you keep giving me. You are incredible. I love you.

Happy 27th Birthday.

Here is a little something we worked on for you. Enjoy.

(Sorry Makayla looks like a hobo for part of it, it was just before bedtime) :)



Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know, I know, its been a while since I posted. But good excuse (kinda)- our camera's broken and I HATE posting without at least a couple of pics. So we gave in on Monday and took a few with our flash-less camera, and got a couple of ok ones. We were supposed to meet Santa at Northpark on Monday, but he was SICK. :( So, we headed on over to the Galleria to see their Santa and Makayla proceeded to jump on his lap and tell him she wanted a drum and a cello. That made me laugh. Bryn wanted nothing to do with Santa. We did find a train inside of the Toy store by the playground and they definitely enjoyed that. Jaron put a train around our tree and they've really enjoyed it (see videos below).

It amazes me every year how busy this time of year is, but its so fun. We're going out every night this week and I love it.

On a different note... I went to a Gentleman's Club last night. Yes, you heard me right. A girl from church (Lisa) went last year and brought the girls gift bags, with an invitation to our Christmas Eve service and just wanted to tell them how much God loved them. Well, this year Lisa got some more people involved and made 50 gift bags and a plate of cookies to bring in. There were 7 of us women who went (with 4 husbands standing guard outside). We were in the dressing room of this club for a good hour and a half and I was amazed at the response. They were SO happy to see us and SO grateful for the gift bags. They hugged us and kissed our cheeks. We were able to pray with a lot of them and a couple of them stayed in the dressing room almost the entire time, sacrificing money they could have been making out in the club, just so they could talk with us and share their lives. I was truly moved by the hearts of these women and am so glad I was able to do this, especially this time of year. It definitely put this whole season of giving into a new perspective for me.

Well, here's a few pics and video of my little angels (even though the actual pics aren't great, and Makayla looks a little out of it. Bryn's smile is her "pretty smile"). :)

Merry Christmas all...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I know some of you have followed Boothe Farley's blog over the past year or so. In case you haven't, they lost a baby girl to Trisomy 18 last year. Her heartfelt and honest thoughts have really meant a lot to me and strengthened my faith so much. If you have some time one day or over the holidays, I would encourage you to read her blog (October 2007's "A vision for Eternity" definitely spoke to my heart and spirit. Some other good ones are November 2007's "Believe", December 2007's "Structure", February 2008's "The mystery of truth" and August 2008's "Simplify"). She has an incredible gifting for beautifully expressing such profound and unique insights.

Well, Boothe and her husband, Conor just welcomed a baby girl, Emerette McClure. I cannot stop the tears of joy for this incredible family. Only through Christ can I feel such love and happiness for a family I don't even know- what a privilege to be a member of God's community.

Here's her blog...


I probably won't get another post in before next week, so....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gymnastics Fun!!!

So, of course my girls are no strangers to a gymnastics center (for those that don't know, I work part-time at one, and they come with me quite often). BUT, we went to Nat and Lainey's birthday party yesterday, and Makayla informed me this gym was MUCH better than Mommy's. :) They did have so much fun. Jaron was in charge of the camera and got as many good shots of kids in motion as he could. We didn't get any of Natalie, but she's in the video at the end of this post for about a second. Love these kids...

Brynley on the airplane...

You can see Grant's little smile behind the rope- he was so cute!!

Love these next ones of Kamryn, what a cutie pie...

And their favorite part, of course...

Birthday girls, minus Nat's head, but you can see her super-cute red leo (that's leotard for all you non-gymnast folk)...

Happy Birthday, Lainey!

My little twinkies (I think they look a lot alike)...

Bryn was trying to wake up, and the airplane ride wasn't helping. She warmed up later though. :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Week!!

We had a fun-filled week last week. We started it off last Saturday painting pumpkins in Coppell, then went to a party on Monday morning, culminating in the big day on Friday. Halloween is so much more fun with kids. Here's just a couple of pics for you. :)

Sorry these pictures are not the greatest (I broke my flash that morning). :( I just love Beckham's smile in this one. This was at our Monday morning party.

**Random picture alert** This was the other night at Phillip and Marissa's. Again, not a great pic, I just thought it was funny that all the kids were gathered around Jaron. :)

**Random picture alert** This was Thursday night at a birthday bash at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth. It was SO pretty and the food was SO good- definitely worth the trek out there.

On to the big day...

Halloween day, we went to my mom's for some cupcake decorating, pumpkin carving, tree climbin' good time. We then went on a Trick or Treat excursion with the Smith's, McLawhon's, and Watkins to the homes of the Frank Pope's, the Clarke Watkin's, the Robert Scott's, the Fred Pattison's and the Larry Stewart's. We ended up back at my mom's house for some AMAZING pumpkin stew and did a little bobbing for apples. Well, Megan tried to show the kids how to bob for apples, but they were more inclined to use a net. And I can't wait to see someone's pic of the apples we were bobbing for... Brynley had taken a bite out of each of them earlier that day. What a funny little bug!! Thanks to all for making our night so fun- I'm so excited for the holidays!!!