Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Week!!

We had a fun-filled week last week. We started it off last Saturday painting pumpkins in Coppell, then went to a party on Monday morning, culminating in the big day on Friday. Halloween is so much more fun with kids. Here's just a couple of pics for you. :)

Sorry these pictures are not the greatest (I broke my flash that morning). :( I just love Beckham's smile in this one. This was at our Monday morning party.

**Random picture alert** This was the other night at Phillip and Marissa's. Again, not a great pic, I just thought it was funny that all the kids were gathered around Jaron. :)

**Random picture alert** This was Thursday night at a birthday bash at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth. It was SO pretty and the food was SO good- definitely worth the trek out there.

On to the big day...

Halloween day, we went to my mom's for some cupcake decorating, pumpkin carving, tree climbin' good time. We then went on a Trick or Treat excursion with the Smith's, McLawhon's, and Watkins to the homes of the Frank Pope's, the Clarke Watkin's, the Robert Scott's, the Fred Pattison's and the Larry Stewart's. We ended up back at my mom's house for some AMAZING pumpkin stew and did a little bobbing for apples. Well, Megan tried to show the kids how to bob for apples, but they were more inclined to use a net. And I can't wait to see someone's pic of the apples we were bobbing for... Brynley had taken a bite out of each of them earlier that day. What a funny little bug!! Thanks to all for making our night so fun- I'm so excited for the holidays!!!