Friday, January 02, 2009

Tired and lazy...

So, I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago with all the crazy partying I did last night (haha, j/k- but we DID have some fun at Houlihan's and Victory Plaza). SO, here's some facebook pics from the last couple of weeks if you're interested...

Facebook Pics

Once I get some pics from people who DON'T have a broken camera, I'll try to do a better post of our SIX Christmases.

**BIG NEWS** Makayla and I finally sucked it up and had a day to potty train this past Tuesday. I read the book "Toilet Training in a Day" and we did it in 2 hours during Brynley's nap! She is doing fabulous and I'm SO, SO proud of her. I can't believe my little baby's so big- I've definitely had to stop a few tears in the last couple of days.

Brynley's a different story... she's not quite ready to quit diapers, but that's ok- 1 potty training is definitely enough for now.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's- It was wonderful for us, but I'm definitely ready to get back to a routine and "normal" life- whatever that means. :)