Saturday, August 30, 2008

Army Strong

My brother, Jeff, left for Georgia today and will be going overseas soon with the Army Reserves. Please keep him in your prayers- this is his second tour of duty. We're SO proud of him...

This is several years ago, at his graduation from boot camp in South Carolina...

The girls saying goodbye to Uncle Jeff... Bryn was already asking me this morning when we were going to Jeff's house- Of course, I burst into tears. :(

Teeny got her braces off!

After the goodbyes, we went to Jake's to lift our spirits- chocolate really helps.

We love you, Jeff and promise to pray for you every night!!!


The girls had their 2 and 3 year checkups yesterday. Since we've been playing doctor a lot recently, they knew exactly what was going on and actually enjoyed themselves for once. And the best part was NO SHOTS for either one of them- yay!!! Here's their stats...

-Height: 38.3 inches (a little over 3 feet)- 75th percentile
-Weight: 29.6 lbs. (still hasn't hit that 30 lb. mark!!)- 25-30th percentile
-BMI (they stop measuring their heads at 3): 12% (doctor's words- "she's very tall and thin").

-Height: 33.25 inches (almost 3 feet)- 10-15th percentile
-Weight: 23.2 lbs- 10th percentile
-FOC (head): 18.6 in. (her BMI is around 14%)

The nurse and doctor were both impressed with how well both of them were talking and interacting. She made me feel a lot better about the potty training thing (she said to lay off for a few weeks and see if she'll bring it up). We have had a couple of successful tries with both of the girls, so I'm hopeful that its not far off.

Here's a couple of pics from tonight of my cuties- I can't believe I don't have babies anymore!