Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Makayla!

Can't believe my little girl turned 3 yesterday!!! It really doesn't seem like that much time has passed. We had a wonderful day yesterday. It was my first day back at work, so the girls spent the day at grammy's (getting spoiled, I'm sure). After Jaron brought them home, we went swimming and had chocolate ice cream (2 of Makayla's favorites). Then, Jaron took her to Walmart to pick out a birthday surprise- her choice was a Dora purse filled with goodies.

Thinking back to 3 years ago, I could have never dreamed about my now 3 year old. She is such a special little girl. She's very feisty, but very sweet. She's always so concerned about everyone, especially when her little sister is unhappy. She definitely has a stubborn streak (hmmm, wonder who she gets that from?), but is learning how to be patient and understanding. She has learned her manners better than I could have hoped to teach her, and is SO smart. She's known her ABC's for a year and talks as well as most 4 year olds I know. She absolutely loves anything having to do with being a girl- dressing up, jewelry, makeup, the works. She's becoming so independent- wants to dress herself, leave her hair down (we're working on her independence in the toilet training area- she doesn't really care about that part). She is so much fun and very rarely has a bad day. She is so thoughtful and has to make sure she gives everyone hugs and kisses before she leaves a place. She loves to pray and talk about the Bible stories she learns. My heart melts every time I hear Brynley and her having a conversation- I just can't believe how much they are both growing. Makayla has held our hearts since her first appearance and has been such a blessing to our lives. We love you monkey!!!

Didn't get many pictures of yesterday, but she was happy to show off the contents of her new purse, so here you go...