Friday, November 02, 2007

We had lots of fun Wed. night at the fall festival. The girls were especially into the jump house and the big slide. Enjoy a few pics from the evening. **Side note: my brother left early this morning for Wisconsin for a couple of weeks. Please keep him in your prayers. To read more about why he's there, visit Jeff and Kris's blog- The post is "Wisconsin". Have a great weekend everyone!

My little monkey and froggie. So cute!

Zane the hot dog and Aunt Kris

Daddy and his froggie

Makayla was very interested in everything, and was very good- she even sat still while Megan painted a butterfly on her face! Sorry, no pic. :(

I think Bryn was trying to take Makayla's monkey head off. Both her and Mema found it rather funny. Makayla, not so much.

She loved the ducks- between that and the slide, she was set.

Yummy duck.

When Makayla started stripping, we figured it was time to go.

Here's a video before the night began. It made me smile, hopefully it will make you smile as well. :)