Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Makayla!

Makayla turned 2 this past Saturday. We spent the morning at the NICU reunion at Las Colinas Medical- we got to see our friends, The Austrys, said hi to Brynley's nurses and ate some cake (which I told Makayla they did just for her birthday). Then, that night we got to play with Natalie and Lainey, and their cousins, Carter and Austin. Here's some pics...

Makayla, Austin and Natalie dancing to Shrek 2- Austin's face is priceless!
How cute are they, but they will be TROUBLE in a couple of years!
She was happy, really.
Makayla loved Natalie's cat, Lilly
Trying to get Bryn to sleep, and failing miserably
They did, eventually, pass out
Happy birthday, sweet girl.