Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday fun!

Here's some pics of the girls' party this past Saturday at the Aquatic center in Coppell. I'm working on editing a video that I will have up later this week (maybe)...

Makayla the entertainer

Aunt Che and Zane

Sweetie pie Zane

Grandpappy and Aunt Christel

G-dad, Grandpa and Martin

Sleepy Makayla

Kutie Kamryn

Lovely Lainey

Angie and Liz (and girls)


Arden (missed you Maggie-Kate and Donna!)

Coleman (blurry, but still so handsome)

Talen and Kiegen (missed you Marissa!)

Caleb, Adam, Noah and Jessie


Closest thing to a pic I got of Grant :)

Wonderful Elmo cake that Nana made ("Makayla" was on the other side)

I stole these pics from Mom's facebook page...
Grandpa and Zane

Allison and Korben

Auntie Aimee and Bryn

And Mema sent me this one... how crazy looking is this???