Thursday, September 03, 2009

My little girl's growing up!

Makayla finished her second day of Sunshine School today and absolutely LOVES it. I think she's going to be one of those people that just loves to learn. Both days, she has given me a hug and kiss (and Bryn today), gone right to her desk and opened her notebook. Its the cutest thing ever!

Its worked out great b/c Bryn gets to spend some time with her daddy on Mondays while I drop off Makayla, head over to the gym, pick her back up from Sunshine and then head home. Brynley comes with me on Thursdays and gets to be apart of the "Monkey Business" class we have at the gym. Its been such a fun week!

Makayla's also been riding her bike (actually, Brynley's bike- Makayla's needs a little tweaking). She looks so grown up and is getting really good.

No, I'm not super obsessive with the elbow/kneepads- they were in the bag with the helmet and she wanted to wear them!

So that this is not purely a "Makayla" post, here's some super cute pics of Brynley from earlier this year. Not gonna lie, I kinda miss the bangs...

That's it for now... if you're interested, I put several videos up on Youtube-

Have a great Labor day weekend!!!