Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, you definitely need to do this, so listen up...

Find the restaurants you want to eat in (read the minimum purchase amount to the right of the restaurant name), and click the gift certificate you want. When you're ready to check out, enter this code- NINETY and get 90% off the gift certificate amount! There ARE stipulations, so make sure you read the fine print for EACH restaurant. And..

THE NINETY CODE IS ONLY VALID TODAY (it was supposed to only be good yesterday, but it looks like they've extended it through today)!!!!!

I just spent $5.40 on $135 worth of gift certificates (including Mercy Wine Bar)!! CRAZY!!! I got this info from one of my couponing websites that hasn't let me down yet, and I've had friends use this site and say its legit. Just printed out the coupons and everything looks good. SO excited- hope ya'll take advantage of this too. :)