Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nothing much...

It seems like we have a lot going on b/c we are so busy, but when I sit down to write something, there's nothing really new to share. Jaron and I (well, mostly Jaron), finished the TGP website, check it out if you get a chance...

I've really enjoyed working there, and the girls LOVE coming up with me any chance they get (which has been quite a lot recently, since Jaron's been helping out with computer issues- THANK YOU HONEY!!!). Makayla is loving her gymnastic class and is getting really good- I'll try to take some video next week. Brynley is ready to begin her class (she'll start when she's 2 in August).

If you do check out the website and something peaks your interest, feel free to send me a comment, and I can give you more info. We have great programs for all ages and its such a great way for children to build strength, endurance and social skills.

Ok, I'm done I promise- Its just SO nice to finally work at place that I really ENJOY!

Brynley seems like she's grown a year over the last month. She's so much fun- talking so well, and loves to play with her big sister. She usually gets up before Makayla in the morning, and when Makayla comes down the stairs, Brynley shouts, "KAYLA!" and gives her a big hug. I pretty much tear up at that every morning, its SO sweet. I can NOW say that I'm glad they're so close in age, they are the best of friends.

I will try to do better about pics and videos- I just felt like I needed to do some type of update right now. Happy Wednesday!!