Thursday, July 19, 2007

Play date

Having so much fun in Grammy's pools!

Eric loved the water!

Watching Veggie Tales, drinking sweet tea (decaf) :)

Yesterday, I picked up Eric Baker, while his momma, Jamie was being induced (little Andrew was born yesterday at 11:30- 6lbs, 1 oz.!). He and Makayla had SO much fun playing in the water- first at my mom's (Grammy's), and then at the Coppell Aquatic center. They both LOVED the water, and had so much fun chasing each other around the backyard. After their naps, they were watching Veggie Tales on Grammy's couch, and I thought it was really funny that they were all spread out- a space between all of them, like they were afraid of cooties. :) Makayla loved having someone closer to her age to run around with, but I felt bad that Brynley was left out. I guess I don't have that long to wait before the girls are both running around. P.S. 3 posts in one day- don't expect that every day. :)