Friday, April 17, 2009


Not much to do on this rainy day, but its a GREAT excuse to take a break from laundry and blog a little. We've been pretty busy around here, but the girls definitely prefer it that way. Every morning, their first question is "where are we going today" or "who's coming over today"? They love spending time with our families and we're so thankful they get to do so on a weekly basis. Easter was VERY busy, but a lot of fun. My goal for the weekend was to not let the craziness get in the way of teaching our girls what Easter is all about. I knew I had succeeded with Makayla when she was talking all about the Resurrection in the car on Sunday night. The verdict was still out with Brynley, but I figured she might be a little too young still. Well, Monday morning, we were all still pretty wiped out from the day before, so we were all in our bed. The girls were their usual chatty selves, but were mostly having conversations with each other instead of talking to Jaron and I. As I was dozing in and out, listening to their talk about mostly nonsense, my ears perked up when Brynley all of a sudden said, "Kayla, remember that Jesus died and then rose from the dead? And now Jesus is alive!". It was SUCH a precious moment and I was so thankful that amidst the 12 easter egg hunts we went to over the course of the week, she picked up on what we were really celebrating.

Speaking of Brynley, her new favorite question is WHY? I really don't know the reason (I almost typed why there :) ) every child is born with this question, but it seems to manifest around 2- 2 1/2 and I don't know if it ever goes away. Even when I give her a legitimate reason, there's always that question that follows. Its cute sometimes, but mostly I just want to pull my hair out. I've finally started making a game out if it and just give her ridiculous answers that don't mean anything to see her reaction.

Both of the girls have grown so much over the last couple of months- Makayla hasn't had to wear a pull up to bed in a couple of months, loves to pick out her own clothes (and is very particular about what she wears) and is constantly soaking up all kinds of new knowledge. She's very interested in seasons and months of the year (she's ready for spring to be over so we can swim in the summer!) and loves to tell me where all of her family lives ("we live in Dallas, which is a city and Texas is our state"). Its pretty cute. She's very helpful around the house- and really likes to help me cook. She enjoyed her six game soccer season (even though the Unicorns didn't win a single game). She did score some goals, but was more excited when her teammates scored a goal (I think we have a future cheerleader on our hands, sorry Jaron). They ended the season with a party at Peter Piper Pizza and all got a trophy, so it was worth it in her mind. Other big news is that Makayla got her hair cut! She's been begging me ever since we got Brynley's cut to have her hair short, too, so I finally gave in. It looks pretty cute, too.

Bryn is a little more high maintenance than Makayla, but she still loves playing with her big sis. Her imagination is so big- she's constantly creating scenarios and stories to share with us and loves bringing her sister and barbies in to her imaginary world. Sometimes I don't really know what she's saying, but SHE knows exactly what she's talking about and has confidence in her story telling. She definitely makes us laugh and reminds me SO much of my brother, Chase when he was her age (not in physical appearance, but in actions and mannerisms). She's a ball of energy, but will still go to sleep almost anywhere when she's tired. She loves cuddling with her "Ellie" and sucking her thumb, and I like that those things still make her my baby and I'm not quite ready to wean her (I'm sure I'll hear otherwise from her pediatrician at her 3 year appointment).

Outside of our girls' world, this is going to be a pretty big summer for our family, but I'll have more on that when things are finalized- please just keep us in your prayers (we're hoping to move into a house, Jaron's looking for a new car and we're looking into preschools for the fall).

Ok, I'm sure you're sick of reading, so here's some pictures! I just put them all in order with captions for each picture on facebook, but failed to do so here, sorry. The first ones are soccer games and the party and the other ones are Easter activities, with a few random ones thrown in.