Friday, March 13, 2009

Laser Tag!

I wouldn't say I'm a lazy person (Rebekah might) but I like to go all in when I play with my kids.
I will roll around on the floor and run laps around the living room, whatever it takes...until my flabby-out-of-shape body breaks down.
This is where I've discovered the greatest invention of all time.

For those of you that don't recognize this little guy, it's a "Laser Pointer".
You may have seen the red dot flying around a movie theater and you would find it in the hands of annoying teenagers, or in a lecture with a power point presentation. Another common use I've seen for them is as torture for pets. It's hours of fun to watch the pets chase the little red dot around running into walls, ect.

The funny thing is - it works on kids too!
When you can't run around anymore, just take a seat on the couch and pull out the laser.
They will chase that little red dot for hours, and enjoy every minute of it.
They love it when it crawls up on their shirt and they can't get it off or when they pounce on it on the floor and it jumps to the top of their hand - and the best part is it doesn't wear me out.