Sunday, December 02, 2007

For Chelsea...

This is for my little sister, who is upset that I haven't blogged in a whole 5 days! :) These are from our Christmas decorating day this week. Jaron loves decorating for Christmas and did a great job, especially on our lights outside, I'll have to post those pics soon, too! Stay tuned... I'll also be posting our Christmas pics that Angela took yesterday!

Cleaning off the dormant fireplace.

The girls were very intrigued by the tree coming out of a box.

Makayla was very proud of the lights she put on "all by herself".

Brynley was kind of a grinch that day.

Hanging her stocking with care...

Our finished tree... we couldn't find "just the right angel" for the top, so Jaron decided the hat would do. :)